It is fundamental that each professional understands your desires and expectations. It is an informal conversation so that each visagism specialist is able to interpret your wishes into a new image through color and form. Consultancy goes beyond identifying your physical characteristics such as skin tone and face type. The main objective is to understand what you wish to express.



This is essential to harmonize your image. We carefully study your skin tone in order to select the ideal color and effect.



Your face is your primary identity. An analysis of the format of your face and your features is one of the most important steps to identifying the ideal cut.



Special occasions and Self-makeup courses

Improve your appearance for your day by day or for a special occasion. Makeup is an essential tool of communication and expression, and it is intensely studied by our visagism specialists.



Your eyebrows have a large impact on the appearance of your eyes. Our objective is to find the best design to harmonize your face.



Our salon welcomes you on your special day. We have a team that is well prepared to serve the bride and her guests.